Pray for Pakistan

One little girl, who is fair of skin,
is stolen away from her kin,
and God forbid news comes she dies,
well the whole world stands as one and cries.

Two young girls with darker hair
are stolen in the night – it’s quite a scare!
Found days later, no clothes, no shoes,
it is fairly likely to make national news.

In a foreign country the sirens start:
Seventy human beings are torn apart,
and all we say is “it’s such a shame.”
One day of coverage points the finger of blame.

We are blaming people for the pain they feel.
Blaming them as we begin to kneel
to pray for Germany, for Orlando, for France,
but Pakistan doesn’t get a second glance.

We distance ourselves by the colour of our skin
Or, just as bad, by the God we believe in.
We are allowing a world that promotes segregation,
a media promoting a white, Christian nation.

Islam is not a religion the world should fear
and the Muslim community must shed a tear
every time they are demonised for the acts of a few
who are no more Muslim than Hitler was a Jew.

We should have equal love for those in need,
no matter their race, their colour, their creed;
If you say you have love for the followers of Islam
then get back on your knees and pray for Pakistan.


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