When you are born there is no book
to tell your mum that the way you look
could see you executed in the street,
or beaten like a piece of meat.

When you are born you’re not given a sign
that says “I’m black – my life’s not mine;
Do with me what you want to do,
You’re free to think I am not worth as much as you.”

When you are born and your mum holds you tight,
She doesn’t imagine one day she will watch you fight,
having being told, as you lose your life,
that the wallet you held was supposedly a knife.

On the streets of the U.S.A
this is the reality every day.
Men with skin the same colour as mine
are slaying those darker before their time.

Whether our hair is blonde or black,
our skin is dark, or it’s melanin we lack,
we are all worth the same.
We are all humans, and I am ashamed.

Ashamed that some don’t see
there’s no difference between you and me;
White, beige, brown or black,
that is a life you took – you can’t give it back.

I was born white so will never know the same fear.
Our black brothers and sisters should be revered
for the courage they show every day,
In the face of those who will take their lives away

in the blink of an eye, watch them die,
shoot them 41 times whilst the whole world cries
at another black life mercilessly taken,
their human rights again forsaken.

Your beliefs do not make you better than anyone else.
Your brains do not make you better than anyone else.
Your sexuality does not make you better than anyone else.
Your skin colour does not make you better than anyone else.

There is only one thing in this world that raises us above;
that is the way we treat our fellow man and the way we love.

Equally. Openly. Freely.

If you believe that you are worth more because you are white,
or are more important because your hair falls straight and light,
I believe that your heart must be cold and your thoughts are skewed,
And we will stand beside our black brothers and sisters
and stamp out degressive, unjust people like you.

One day, a black mother will look deep in the eyes of the child she made,
and her heart will be happy, knowing that he need not be afraid.


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