Cross to me

If you listen hard enough you’ll hear the ringing cry,
the ringing bell that knells in a another thirty as they die.
Another thirty, forever asleep, dead on the sea bed
that grows fat with power.
Power from taking the powerless.

If you listen hard enough you’ll hear another ringing cry
of a mother begging for mercy, if there is someone in the sky,
anyone who won’t let her die.

A foreign land, emptying, swells with greed,
swallowing the lives of those in need.
If you listen hard enough you will hear the worst cry of all;
The cry of a country lacking in empathy,
holding a hand up to the poor and ignoring their plea.
Full of convictions of racism of which they are just so sure –
well, they read it in the news so need you know more?

So sure that they are right in their thoughts but if they just thought,
thought for a minute that they had a boat,
that they had a life and a knife to their throat,
then they might see with those eyes they squeeze shut
that a splash in the sea is better than a cut;
Through their world, through their life
when the knife runs through their wife.
Would you risk her drown or lay her down
for another man – a stranger, the men who are destroying your world,
stopping your little girl from being able to learn;
they take your wife and they take their turn.

Open your eyes to them and see,
they don’t want to cross the sea.
They don’t want to live with you, or live with me,
to eat bacon sandwiches and drink English tea.
They just want to be safe,
all they want is to be free.
For us to open our hearts, look at them and say,
“Imagine if that was my family.
Imagine if that was me.”

(September 2015)


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